Robin, Not Yo Mama's Vegan
Robin, Not Yo Mama’s Vegan


In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. By the age of 19, I had lost my grandmother and my father to cancer. By age 45, I had lost one cousin and had another fighting for her life against the disease.  I wanted a different outcome than the rest of my family and so I did things differently than the rest of my family. To give myself the best chance, I made drastic lifestyle changes. The most prominent change was I became a vegan. 

Since my breast cancer was estrogen positive, I didn’t want to eat soy because of the correlation between soy consumption and estrogen. The last thing I wanted to do was feed the cancer. I jumped in to being a vegan. But everything I ate was either beans and rice or rice and beans in some variation…I was tired of rice and beans. One day, I sat on the couch watching one of my favorite cooking shows and I asked myself: “Why can’t I make the foods I enjoy”?

I experimented with making my own “wheat meat” before I discovered Quorn. That is when my cooking really changed. I was making all my favorite comfort foods with a fraction of the calories and time it used to take. I impressed friends so much that I began giving cooking classes out of my home to teach others how easy it was to eat like a vegan. My classes included full course meals and I even taught them how to shop.

What’s dinner without dessert? I’ve always loved baking but now I could create the same rich, delicious desserts with the full flavor no cholesterol, 1/4 to 1/2 of the calories and fat of the traditional dessert.

Why a Bakery?

When I was a kid going to the bakery , seeing all the goodies behind the glass was beautiful, it was artsy and yummy looking. There is something magical about looking through the glass. As an adult in the Southwest, I don’t see any old fashioned bakeries.  I see wedding cake shops with faux cakes as models used by customers to choose a design.  No one has the old fashioned bakery glass case full of goodies. This website is the beginning of my journey toward that bakery. Take a look at the goodies in my glass case.

-Robin Corey

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